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Fern Mallis Discusses Her Global-Inspired Jewelry Line for HSN

This month, fashion icon Fern Mallis—president of Fern Mallis LLC, former Senior Vice President of IMG Fashion and the woman basically responsible for New York Fashion Week as we know it—will launch her very own jewelry collection. Done in collaboration with HSN, Fern Finds: consists of 22 pieces inspired by the style visionary's exotic travels, all of which we could picture Fern herself wearing (you'll never spot her in the front row without one of her signature statement necklaces). Check out our chat with Fern below, then click through the gallery to see her collection, which you'll be able to buy starting October 10 on HSN.com.

Lucky: Can you share your earliest jewelry-related memory with us?

Fern Mallis: I loved seeing my mother’s jewelry when she dressed up to go to the theater. I remember having a ring that had a tiny diamond and ruby-like little hearts….it was my favorite ring. And now that I’ve thought about it, I have absolutely no recollection of what happened to it and it's making me crazy. I also loved my charm bracelet, which unfortunately was stolen along with all my mother’s jewelry one night.

Oh no! Were you able to save anything? What are a few of your most treasured pieces today?

I do have a few pieces of Mom’s stuff that luckily I had borrowed when her jewelry box was stolen. I told her she should have let me borrow more pieces, and then we’d still have them! But I have a very fine gold watch of hers, and three wedding bands—two are diamonds and one has pearls. My personal pieces I love have all been bought in India, from a pair of diamond chandelier earrings with small emerald drops at the bottom to my rose-cut diamond bracelets and an assortment of great Indian rings, ruby bracelets, and earrings. I also love my Solange Azagury-Partridge red lip ring and white enamel skull necklace.

How did you approach this HSN collection—from your initial inspiration(s) to the process of putting it all together?

My collection is called Fern Finds: because that is exactly what it is: fabulous pieces I find when I travel. I always wear multiple necklaces and many bracelets at the same time, and I am always complimented on my accessories. I shop when I travel, and now have an even better excuse to do so. I bring back my finds and meet with one of two manufacturers that HSN works with, and we decide which pieces we think make sense, we tweak some of them, make various adjustments, and they source and manufacture them in India or China. I also had my pal at Pentagram [Michael Bierut] design the logo and packaging, which is brown craft paper with a gold embossed Fern Finds: logo, and we sourced my favorite colorful Indian jewelry pouches in several colors and sizes. That's the first surprise inside the plain wrapped box; the accessory inside is the second.

Tell us a bit about the materials you used.

There are gold-plated and silver bracelets with carved filigree work and pavé rhinestones, various colored stones and faux gems, colorful beads of different sizes, chains, resin, mesh, turquoise…

Do you have a favorite piece from your lineup? Which is it, and why?

I can never pick just one piece! But I love the antique onyx beaded tassel necklace with a crown of delicate rhinestones. Also, the two necklaces with resin tusks, and a wide gold mesh cuff with appliquéd crystal beads and stones.

Fern Finds: is inspired by your own travels. Where are some your favorite destinations?

I have a special love affair with India. I never expected to like it when I took my first trip there in 2001, but some 30+ trips later, it’s like a second home. I also love Asia—there's so much energy and opportunity there. I love South Africa, where I once went on a safari. I would also never turn down a trip to Italy, London or St. Barts. And Bali and Argentina are both on my bucket list.

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