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Five Ways to Make Your Boobs Look Better

How many times have you looked at a photo of a celebrity and thought to yourself, "OUCH. Girl, what is going on with your boobs?" How do famous people, with professionals on call, end up looking like they’ve declared war on their own chests? Who knows? But I’m here to help YOU avoid it. Here are my five tips for making your boobs look better:

  1. Go to an independent shop and get fitted for the best bra for you, and then buy it, regardless of the cost. Remember that department stores will try to get you in whatever they carry in-store, so they may not fit you properly. An independent shop will carry a much wider selection of sizes. A bra that fits right will be almost uncomfortably snug in the band, and will cup—see what I did there?—your breasts without any spillage or poking. The straps won’t slide down, and the band won’t ride up. You won’t have to fidget constantly. It will be a revelation, and you (and your boobs) will rejoice.
  2. Don’t accept a bad fit in your clothes. Even if your bra is working for you, it can only do so much. You may have to go up a size (or two!) in a top for the proper fit, especially if you’re very narrow in the waist compared to your rack. ALWAYS fit the biggest part of you first. Remember–no one can see the tag, so no one knows what size you’re wearing. They can only see how fantastic you look.
  3. Don’t think you can get away without a bra, just because you’re less endowed than some of those around you. Gravity happens to everyone, big or small.
  4. When you’re facing a mirror, your boobs should sit midway between your elbow and your shoulder. If you prop them up too high, they can start to look like a shelf. People may come over and try to rest drinks on them. Or maybe you’ll just tip your head over and take a nap on them. This is often a fit issue, meaning that you’ve poured your breasts into cups that are too small, so they’re essentially spilling out the top, but it might also be your bra. Larger breasts rarely need those super-padded bras. Unless you’re trying to create major cleavage, leave the football pads at the store, and get something that lets your breasts sit where they belong.
  5. Take good care of your bras, and they will take good care of you. Don’t wear them two days in a row. Don’t throw them in the dryer. Hand wash if possible (I wash mine in a lingerie bag in the washer. I have my life to live. But hand washing really is better). Those little independent bra stores will often do free alterations, especially as your bras begin to stretch out, so go ahead and take them in and see if they can be adjusted.

With just a little extra consideration, any size boobs can look gorgeous under clothes. Click through to see some when these celebs got it right—and when they didn't.

Not the Best

Kat Dennings is letting it all hang out.

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