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Furla Launches Its Candy Collection at Saks Tonight

My friend Clementine occasionally carries an Hermès Birkin, a hand-me-down from her mom. Lucky girl, right? Years ago, when I suggested that this Birkin cost her mother more than $5,000, she was genuinely shocked. Because while Clem is a very chic, very posh Brit, she's also very practical.

If she's spending her own money, Clem prefers bags from Furla, the Italian maker of ladylike satchels that don't always cost a gazillion dollars. (In fact, most styles hover in the $300 range.) She knows they're well-crafted, she knows they look good, and she knows she'll be able to afford a new style next year.

That's why I'm sure that after reading about Furla's new Candy collection—launching tonight at Saks Fifth Avenue's New York City flagship—Clem's going to call me up and ask if I can get her one. You see, Candy—a capsule of five bags, each inspired by a different kind of Furla girl—is only available at Saks' biggest location. (If you're not in New York and you're not my friend, you can totally order one of the bags by calling up the store.)

While the limited-edition run—priced from $598 to $748, not bad at all—won't be unveiled until this evening, Furla slipped us the sketch of its Penelope style. "She's the girl who picnics and dreams and writes and looks at life through rose-colored glasses," says Fabio Fusi, Furla's designer.

We'll be revealing the rest of the Candy capsule on Instagram this evening. And here's a sneak peek of a video Furla created to accompany the collection:


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