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Garance Doré to Sell Prints and Posters of Her Famous Sketches

Talented as she is behind the camera, we especially love when French blogger/photographer Garance Doré accompanies her witty posts with one of her signature hand-drawn illustrations. And now, fans will finally be able to purchase those sketches: according to WWD, Garance plans to start selling them in about two weeks' time.

About 12 different sketches will be up for grabs at Garancedore.fr/en, all of which will start at the reasonable price of $35. “I wanted something you can buy for a present and not be too crazy,” Garance told the paper. But that's not all: an art show is also in the works. "We want to do an exhibition in New York for the launch so people can see how the illustrations are presented and how good they look when they are printed.” We are so there.

Sketch via Garancedore.fr/en

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