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A lot of the skull-motif jewelry on the market nowadays looks, well, cute. This little guy, with his blood-red eyes and mouth, is downright creepy—and awesome.
Worn closed, it's a huge, statement-making spider for your wrist. Open up the torso, though, and you'll find two more spiders nestled in gleaming pearls. It's spiderception!

So very American Horror Story.

Have you ever seen a creepy crawler this chic?
Like a grown-up, impossibly hip version of those holiday-themed brooches your grade-school art teacher used to wear.
If Dexter Morgan were to design jewelry (dare to dream), we imagine it'd look something like this.
Don't be offended if a friend comments on your bony wrist.
This vampy ring would make a fine gift for a Twi-hard, too.

Like a wearable spiderweb.

Go ahead, give 'em the finger.