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Going All in With Reece Hudson

Reece Hudson's been on our radar for some time now, with Reece Solomon and Max Stein's trademark quilted bags and clutches a familiar site in the #luckymagcloset. There's always somebody in the office toting one around.

Of course, they're on a lot of people's radar. Most notably, the CFDA's, who invited the duo into the coveted Incubator program this year. The label's rising influence was made abundantly clear by the cool-kid crowd—Charlotte Ronson, Chrissie Miller, Leandra Medine—who came out to watch the debut of Reece Hudson's Spring 2013 video. Also present was Kyle Andrew, executive vice president of global brand marketing at Kate Spade New York and Kate Spade Saturday, who has been mentoring the brand in partnership with the CFDA.

The campaign video, produced in collaboration with Blackbook by filmmaker Jenna Elizabeth, centered on beautiful people playing strip poker in an abandoned ballroom. "We've all had those nights that get a little out of control," explained Jenna. "The edit has such a mysterious yet playful cadence to it, it feels like you're on the verge of crushing someone's memories."

Memory crushing is a risky business if you ask me, but it paid off. As the game of poker unfolds, the players share what I'll describe as "highly suggestive" glances that no doubt lead from ballroom to bedroom. Of course, the last thing any of the players want to part with is their Reece Hudson clutch. Why? Because Solomon wanted to portray, "a woman's bag as her most prized possession, the contents of which are so personal to her, that it's less revealing to lose her clothes than her clutch."

I guess I wouldn't want a bunch of naked strangers going through my stuff, either. Especially if it was something so lux as a Reece Hudson bag. Watch the video below: