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Pick the Styles and Print the Patterns

Here I am (in the peach) with Lida. Through careful data analysis, experts choose which styles they think underwear aficionados would like to buy next. Each one is then printed as a pattern on huge pieces of paper and sent to the cutting room.

"The 48-11 and the 49-11 thong is our most popular style," Lida told me. "It's the world's most comfortable thong!"

The Hanky Panky Handshake

"I'm wearing one right now!"


Prepare and Cut the Fabric
Multiple layers of fabric—usually the brand's stretch lace ("That's what 90 percent of our products are made from," Lida said.)—are stacked beneath each pattern and cut.
"First we have to check that our fabric is good," Lida told me. "And our stretch fabrics have to relax so when they are cut, they don't jump back to create a different size from what was intended."
Factory workers pre-cut the fabric.
Undie Assembly
Although many of actual garments are constructed off-site (But still domestically: "We've been a 'Made in USA' company since we started in 1977," Lida proudly told me.), there is one workshop within the actual factory.
And it's better than Santa's.
Inspection and Labeling
Fully constructed pieces are sent back to Queens and carefully inspected for defects before getting labeled and distributed to various retailers. All I could think of though is that scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the "bad eggs"...
Sorting and Storage
Items that aren't shipped right away are meticulously organized by color and style.
Online orders are processed and sent straight from the factory and look—they just got a brand new shipping box! So pretty!
Custom Crystalization customers have the option of "custom crystalizing" their purchases, a process that is carefully done by hand. The team shows me how by creating a one-of-kind thong for my wedding next week. It's blue, obviously.
Good thing my fiancé doesn't have his brother Kevin's name. That would make for some really weird underwear.

Group shot!

pictured from left to right: Richard Space (Executive Operations Consultant), Stephanie Sachs (handles Hankly Panky's PR),   JD Breen (Visual Manager & Glam Guru), Me, Henree, (Chairman of the Board and Lida’s dog), Lida Orzeck (CEO), Kristina Dashuk (Visual Assistant)