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Mix Primary and Pastel Colors

Pretty much every Disney Princess ensemble is comprised of shades in one of these two groups—so go wild with pale pink, cheery yellow, bold blue and soft seafoam. Can you guess which fairytale heroines inspired the two side-by-side looks above?*

*Snow White and Ariel—duh.

Get a Professional Blowout
Channeling your favorite Disney leading lady starts at the top—so get your hair did. We're big fans of Drybar, but you'll find tons more awesome salons in our Best Blowout Bars in the Country roundup. In between styling sessions, just touch up that 'do yourself with a little hairspray and dry shampoo. Add a little sassy flippage, and Ariel and Belle will have nothing on you.
Crown Yourself
Most of the top-tier Princesses—we're talking Jasmine, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Alice and Tiana—wear some sort of tiara or other head-topping jewelry 24/7. While a full-on crown might negate the "without looking like an idiot" claim of this story, you can certainly choose a delicate headband to finish off your look. Try a simple row of pearls or rhinestones—or even just a length or satin or grosgrain ribbon. Boom—you're regal.
Give 'Em Lip
Seriously, have you ever seen any of the Disney Princesses without a perfect red or pink pout? We didn't think so. If bold, classic red isn't your thing, why not try out this four-piece set from Sephora's Cinderella capsule? One of the several enclosed shades is sure to suit you—plus, the inspiration couldn't be more perfect.
Go Crazy With Costume Jewelry
We recommend the oversized gold clip-on earrings or gilded collar favored by Jasmine, a haute update on Cinderella's simple black choker or the voice-containing shell pendant from The Little Mermaid. Sure, that last one was kind of villainess Vanessa's thing—but still, it's too cute to pass up. And might even make you really, really good at karaoke.