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If This Bag Were a Person: Victoria Beckham Edition

If this bag were a person, it would be that woman you wish was your boss. A powerful, no-holds-barred, takes-no-BS piece of feminism that gets things done. Don’t even think about interrupting this bag during an interdepartmental meeting. This bag is who you want to be; this bag is your mentor, who can teach you the lay of the land. It is career-driven all the way and even though it lacks a love life (it hasn’t been on a date in two years), who cares?

It’s okay to prioritize for financial success when your goals are to succeed in a chosen profession, right? I’m pretty sure that bag would agree. Now let’s talk about style: Its closet is split between sharp blazers and worn-in vintage t-shirts. No need to *always* take yourself so seriously. A lady at work, but a chill chick at Le Cirque (worst rhyme ever, but I needed to prove a point). Either way, it’s safe to say that this bag is your overall life girl crush. Admittedly, you sometimes wonder if it will ever settle down and just enjoy the ride rather than insisting on taking the driver’s seat, but you can’t help admiring the gumption.

Victoria Leather Tote, Victoria Beckham, $3,850, my.luckymag.com

Sara Zucker writes about fashion at Sarazucker.com and does social media for NARS Cosmetics. Her closet is a mess.

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