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Inspiration For R Pats: Famous Actors in Perfume Ads

This coming November marks the end of Robert Pattinson's career as a lovestruck sparkly vampire, but that doesn't mean he's fading into obscurity. According to Racked, the tousle-haired heartthrob just signed a three year, $12 million contract to be the face of Dior men's fragrances. So if the scandal surrounding his relationship with Kristin Stewart isn't enough to hold the public's interest, the oncoming barrage of billboards and TV slots surely will be.

Although this is R Pat's first foray into the world of beauty advertising, he has plenty of notable predecessors. Movie actors such as Antonio Banderas, Matthew McConaughey and—most recently—Brad Pitt have all starred perfume commercials. We've rounded up a few of our favorites. Scroll down to watch them now.

1. "Blue Seduction" starring Antonio Banderas
Foreplay for most people is just kissing and touching and stuff. For Antonio Banderas it means having specks of sparkly blue perfume bounce in slow motion off your neck while seductively shimmying around a sun-soaked room. So that's how the other half lives.

2. "The One Gentleman" starring Matthew McConaughey

The overarching message here is all about being yourself and how wearing the right fragrance, i.e. "The One Gentleman," will help you do that. After spritzing a bit on, Matthew finds he's the type of dude who wears fancy suits in diamond-filled hotels and covers napping ladies so they don't get cold.

3. "Gucci Guilty Intense" starring Chris Evans (with Evan Rachel Wood)
Speeding cars on fire! Sexy ladies in latex! Alcohol! Gucci knows what guys want and how to give it to them.

4. "Chanel N.5" starring Brad Pitt

There's been a lot of controversy surrounding the movie star's latest partnership with the French fashion house; the main complaint is that this advertisement is too serious, too dry. But regardless of how you feel about his long winded speech, Pitt looks real pretty while giving it.