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Last Minute Halloween Costumes Under $25

In a month or so cold weather party season will roll around, leaving a bunch of my friends wanting to buy a new cocktail dress. That's when they'll start regretting the $98 spent crafting Games of Thrones Halloween costumes back in October. I won't be in that boat, though, because as much as I love buying clothes I draw the line at shelling out for costumes.

That's where the outfits in the slideshow below come in: they cut corners but still look creative, which is great in itself. But they're also great because they'll free you up to buy real clothes later, on days when Khaleesi's pet dragons and shredded burlap crop top won't elicit "you look great!" reactions.

Rosie the Riveter

Turn sideways and make a fist everytime you take a sip of your drink.

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