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Rosie the Riveter
Turn sideways and make a fist everytime you take a sip of your drink.
Photobomb EVERYONE.
Top Gun's Maverick
Listen to "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" while you're getting ready.
The Hunger Games' Katniss
Add these two things to almost any pair of pants and a rain jacket and you'll unmistakably look like a Tribute. Also, you'll get to carry a fun toy.
Edie Sedgick
The dress you wear doesn't really matter. But your earrings must be at least 4 inches long and your eyeliner must be way heavier than usual.
Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf
Feel free to pass judgement on the sexy schoolgirls walking around; you've got a giant headband, so you're a totally different pop culture reference.