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Style Session: Sarah Habel from MTV's Underemployed

How cute is actress Sarah Habel?

Cute (and talented) enough that she scored a starring role in MTV's new scripted comedy Underemployed, written by Emmy-nominated television writer and playwright Craig Wright (he was a contributing writer on Six Feet Under and Lost). The show centers around the lives of five recent college graduates who learn that their plan for “world domination” is not realistic (at least for the time being, that is). With characters facing obstacles in their careers, or lack thereof, and love lives, it's inevitable that Underemployed will be compared to HBO's Girls. Not that Habel minds: “Girls and Underemployed speak to the same audience for sure. And the characters in each are plagued by the same problems and pitfalls," she acknowledges. "One major difference though, is the home city that each cast toils away in. Underemployed is so rooted in Chicago and and Girls is so New York. The environment that each show is set in offers different and unique tension.”

Habel (who may look familiar to you from roles in Whip It! and Party Down) plays Daphne, an ambitious unpaid intern at one of Chicago’s most acclaimed advertising agencies. Her character is perhaps the most grounded of her friends, which include a struggling male model/actor, an aspiring lesbian writer unfortunately trapped working at a donut store, and a young parent couple adjusting to their new life as pseudo adults. Habel, though, is optimistic about her character's prospects. "Daphne will stumble along the way, say the wrong thing, date the wrong guy.... But i think in five or 10 years she will have climbed the ladder at her firm, and found the success she was looking for," she says. "The question is...what's the next mountaintop for Daphne? Marriage? Kids? Her own cooking show? Only time will tell!"

Read on to learn about Habel's love of impractical shoes and other fashion favorites. And don't forget to check out Underemployed on MTV, or stream full episodes here.

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"My everyday outfit usually consists of jeans, a t-tshirt and some impossibly impractical shoes. I guess I'm into self-punishment."

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