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Lucky Haul: Paris, I Love You, But You're Making Me Spend Too Much Money

Last week, I went to Paris for work. And because my work is Lucky, I was practically required to do a little personal shopping. 

But it wasn't as easy for me as usual. You see, I've been on a shopping fast since July, after indulging in that APC x Vanessa Seward red dress with the white collar and cuffs. So for my first few days in Paris, it was difficult to go into a store and actually purchase something. (To be fair, I didn't have much time, what with ALL THE FANCY FASHION SHOWS I WAS ATTENDING. Brag.)

The seal, however, broke pretty easily after serendipitously landing at Kistuné's Parisien boutique in the ninth arrondissement. Unlike its regular shop, located right next door, Parisien sells mostly City-of-Lights-themed t-shirts and sweatshirts. Since I have been after a grey Kitsuné sweatshirt...and this one seemed like it was exclusive to the Paris store...I just had to have it, right?

Well, 130 euros later, I was enjoying my first shopping high in what felt like ages. I needed another fix! Next up, the top-secret, by-invitation-only Chloé outlet store in the 11th, where I scored a pleated wool skirt and checked blouse from one of Hannah MacGibbon's final collections (200 euros). Then, it was off to COS (read more about it here), where I could easily drop 2,000 euros in two hours. Instead, I showed a bit of restraint, opting for a leather cross-body bag (99 euros), a navy swing skirt (60 euros), a pair of wooly tights (17 euros) and some lavender bobby pins.

That was it. I'm back on my shopping diet. At least until Katie Ermilio pops up on Moda Operandi...

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