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Lucky Haul: The Wafer-Thin Menswear Watch

Natalie Matthews

Digital Fashion Writer

There's an annoying dichotomy about most menswear-inspired watches: their heftiness is easy to love from a distance, but harder to actually wear on your wrist. They're uncomfortable. My last Wall Street-y watch banged against my keyboard at work, and I always found myself feeling slightly relieved, subconsciously, when taking it off at bedtime. It looked awesome but it sorta felt like shackles, which is such a bummer from a piece you want to wear everyday. (Or need to, in the case of a perennially late person like myself.)

But this Skagen watch doesn't have that duplicity. It's got the wide face of my favorite menswear watches, a dark, sleek palette and rose gold details instead of the more standard yellow gold, which I like. Still, the best part about it has nothing to do with the stock trader look. It's the feel: with its wafer-thin face, it's so slim and lightweight that I often forget that I'm wearing it. I've accidentally showered with it on so many times the leather band is dented from my absentmindedness. Which, I think, is a true testament to how comfortable it is, despite looking like a chunky menswear watch. (And like a more expensive one: it's only $120, but most people I know seem to think it's some fancy heirloom from my father.)

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