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Make Room For Fashion: Lively Legwear

Fall is in the air and for my family that means, pumpkin patches Halloween, apple cider and spiked apple cider (for grown-ups only, of course). It also means that my boots and tights will be getting some serious wear. In fact, one of my staples for easy fall dressing is some variation of a sweater dress, tights and my flat, black boots.

But when I looked through my box of legwear from last winter it was a depressing sea of black, black and more black. It got me thinking: can I give my fall wardrobe an upgrade just by livening up my legwear collection?

So I headed over to legwear experts at GiGi*K in Greenwich Village, a little store with a huge variety of unique designs, all made in Japan, for the scoop on what’s hot in legwear this fall.

Lace and crochet styles are big right now according to designer Gigi Kwon, as well as tights that feature lingerie details such as a simple pinstripe down the front and lace pattern down the back (although that sounds like it would be more suited to a night out and a party dress!) But for every day looks, colors such as slate grey, burgundy and browns are good alternatives to black and add a little style to a simple dress. And if that simple dress is black, that’s all the more reason to go with color, crochet or even a bolder geometric pattern.

While GiGi*K certainly has a leg up on unique designs, even a traditional hosiery line like Hanes is stepping up its game in the fashion tight department. This fall they’re showing off vintage lace trellis designs as well as a bold chevron for texture.

And then of course there are the high end legwear lines such as Wolford and Fogal that never disappoint with both fit and variety. The funny thing is, you don’t really see the stores pushing tights in their advertising or in their stores, they’d probably rather you just buy a new dress for a fresh look, so upgrading your tights is kind of a consumer’s secret.

But legwear is definitely heating up this season – in fact ever since Angelina Jolie thrust her leg into the spotlight at the Oscars, it seems that new ways to accessorize the old gams have come into focus. I’d better crank up the intensity on the Stairmaster!


If you want to add some color to your outfit try these opaque Fogal tights in Loden green, wine or navy.

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