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Need a Mom-Friendly Beauty Routine? Your Expert Advice is Right Here

Last week I wrote about my chat with Julie Flakstad, founder of Blow, a chic hair salon in Manhattan, where I discovered some fabulous hair styling tips for women on the go. Not surprisingly, as a result of working in a hair salon around legions of women getting blow outs, this gal hears a lot of beauty tips and has become particularly in tune with what moms like us want and need when it comes to our beauty routines.  And the good news is she was willing to share.

“As a mom to two small children, I’m all about ease with big impact,” says Flakstad. “So I don't go a day without my power lashes by Dior.”

She starts with Diorshow Maximizer, a primer that you use before applying mascara as well as a conditioning treatment for nighttime use. Following that she uses Diorshow Iconic mascara in black.

Next, Flakstad goes classic with a spritz of her longtime favorite scent Coco Channel Eau de Parfum, and swears by her go-to polish color for toes, Macks by Essie. “It’s a classic red,” she says, “With the perfect undertone of blue.”

But her favorite insider beauty tip, the one she swears by, is a “Super Aqua-Eye” anti-puffiness eye patch by Guerlain.

“They are translucent pads that I put on my under eye area while I’m getting ready to go out,” says Flakstad, “And they completely refresh your eye area, reduce dark circles and puffiness and make you look younger.”

At $117 for six sachets, that’s almost $20 a pop so they had better work wonders. But I have to say, sometimes this mama needs a magic trick, so I’m dying to give them a try.

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This eye-contour skin smoother by Guerlain promises to hydrate, smooth skin, reduce puffiness and fight dark circles.

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