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Margie Plus: Polka Dots

Hi, my name is Margie and I work at Lucky magazine. At Lucky, every girl is important, and I am happy to say that I will now be reppin' for us full-figured girls. I have always been plus-size, whether it was a size 12 or my current size of 18.

As most girls like me know, having an extreme love for fashion and being plus-size doesn't really go hand in hand. Growing up, I quickly realized that when it came to clothes, I needed to play by my own rules. I know too well the experience of going into a store and not being able to buy a fabulous sequined frock or the latest Stella McCartney or Proenza Schouler-inspired looks because of my size.

But believe me, just because you don't wear a sample size doesn’t mean you have to give up. Now more than ever, brands are embracing plus-size fashion and helping us express our trendsetting selves. Seriously! This is an exciting time for a full-figured fashionista. Being able to walk into a store and see a peplum or a floral print pant in your size is not only an awesome feeling, but it's also becoming a reality. I refuse to sacrifice the latest trends just because of my curvaceousness, and I hope you won't either. In this column, I want to show you how to make the latest trends work with your fabulous figure.

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plus size
plus size