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Men's Items That Look Great on Women

As the VP of men's sportswear and shoes for Bergdorf Goodman, it's part of Mimi Fukuyoshi's job to understand how menswear fits. But it's not her responsibility to know how menswear fits women. She's inadvertently taken that challenge on, though, by regularly shopping the men's department for herself.

It's there that Mimi buys pants, jackets and shirts with fits and prices she couldn't find over in the women's section. From perfectly slouchy button-ups to a sweater that would cost twice as much in the women's department, Mimi's built up a stable of standby items to steal from the boys. Each of them blends menswear swagger with female-flattering cuts, so naturally, we love them all. Click through below to shop her favorites.

I like my jeans to fit like my pants—slightly oversized and boxy.  I'm not a jeggings girl and I don't want to wear jeans that are strangling my ankles or are outrageously low-rise.  These are my jeans, always and forever. The fit is perfect and although it takes a while, they break in beautifully.

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