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Moda Watch: Equipment Spring 2013

I'd like to amend the Duchess of Windsor's famous statement: you can, actually, be too rich or too thin, but you can't be too stocked with cool flats or pretty button-downs. You just can't.

Thankfully, to sate that latter thirst, Moda Operandi starts selling Equipment's spring 2013 blouses this morning. But before you shop the trunk show, you might want to preview a few of our favorite blouses below, taking note of their prices and your budget. (A warning to the uninitiated: punchy yet polished, these work-to-drinks blouses are sorta like Pringles. We all know the adage there, so shopping them's a little dangerous. Unless, of course, you really are too rich and can shop them with abandon.)

In winter, pair it with a long cardigan and go grandpa chic.

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