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Natalie Portman's Banned Mascara Ad, Penelope Cruz Designs Lingerie And More From Around the Web

Penelope Cruz and her sister are helping fancy lingerie brand Agent Provocateur design their first lower priced line, L'Agent. They're also said to be "involved with the visual campaign," though we're not sure why they won't just confirm they'll model in it. (As if they're holding out for someone better than a gorgeous A-list actress and her equally gorgeous sister...?)  [WWD]

We thought New York Fashion Week was crazy, but Seoul Fashion Week seems even crazier. People go shopping at 4 AM (sober) and get makeovers in the weirdest places (the subway). [Vice]

A few snaps of Courtney Love's upcoming clothing line, Never the Bride, just leaked, revealing clothes with the same sort of gypsy-ish, mermaid vibe of her apartment. [Fashion Etc]

Natalie Portman's new Dior mascara ad was banned in the U.K. for being "misleading" and showing "exaggerated" lashes. Then again, it is a mascara ad. [NY Mag]

Most people view Marc Jacobs as the sole creative power behind the Marc Jacobs brands and company president Robert Duffy as a number cruncher. But that's not exactly right. It was actually Duffy who conceptualized several Marc Jacobs brands, including Marc by Marc and Bookmarc. [Port]

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