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Nikki Reed Never Showers Alone!

I got Nikki Reed, our favorite Twilight vampire older sister, on the phone for a few minutes during an Axe/USC water-conservation event she headlined: The woman is making a serious effort to conserve! She showers with her husband, musician Paul McDonald, washes her hair every other day, and always makes sure her shower is under 5 minutes. Plus she has a water-efficient showerhead. “I’d be lying if I said I was perfect, but my mom bought me cute cloth bags that I reuse every time I grocery shop, and my husband and I just started composting,” she says.
Reed’s made her health a priority in other ways: She quit smoking about three and a half years ago, and it changed her life. She’s been a vegetarian for about a year and a half and says she’s seen significant changes in her body. She also regularly does pilates, spinning, and jogs with her husband. Plus she’s got two upcoming movies, In Your Eyes and Empire State, a new jewelry line, Mattlin Era, and she’s working on an album with her husband!

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