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Pun With Fashion: 10 Shoppable Finds With Witty Wordplay

My name is Elana, and I am a pun-aholic. And it's bad, dear readers—to the point where my boss Lauren often has to intervene, lest my many daily posts for this website turn into paragraphs of solid wordplay. Clever turns of phrase in movies, books, catalogs and magazines delight me to no end—and when they're style-related, well, all bets are off.

Fortunately, it seems that in the fashion world, I'm not (entirely) alone in my predilection for puns. There are plenty of retailers—particularly in the beauty industry—who seem to appreciate a sharp play on words as well. Click through for a few of my current favorites, and get ready to giggle.

A sweet bauble with an equally buzzworthy style name.

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