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Instead of constantly running out to buy fresh flowers, arrange a few different sizes of these into a pretty (and permanent) centerpiece.
Rest it on top of your coffee table books to make your living room more zippy.
Pull together all-white bedding or an all-white living room with a bit of Bianca Jagger '70s flair.
Framing and arranging artwork is a hassle. With this, all you have to do is take it out of the box, hit a nail in the wall and hang it.
Instead of a fancy pillar candle, buy these little ones in bulk. They're relatively cheap but look so cool floating in a glass vase or bowl.
Trays make a glamorous backdrop for the usual bathroom scattering of toiletries, and this one has a Tom Ford-y, vampy kick.
Elevate your bookshelves by adding colorful ceramic bookends.
Don't overlook the entry way. It's everyone's first and last impression of your place, so you don't want the floor to be weirdly barren.
Put it on that section of the kitchen counter or dresser where you always scatter your keys, wallet, phone and other junk. Suddenly it'll look intentional.
Fresh fruits and vegetables make any kitchen look photoshoot-ready, but you have to have the right vessel to show them off in, or it just looks odd.
Like an hourglass, telescope or a typewriter, it can make any cluttered room look dignified.
For mail, for candy, for any surface that looks sorta empty and in need of a little accessory.