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Reel Style: Trust Us, You So Want to Look Like Sienna Miller in HBO's Hitchcock movie, The Girl

Fashion favorite, Sienna Miller, is back as Tippi Hedren in HBO’s latest movie, The Girl, premiering Saturday night, October 20. The film (watch the trailer here) focuses on the peculiar dynamic between Hedren and Alfred Hitchcock, played by Toby Jones, during the filming of the famed director's 1960s thrillers, The Birds and Marnie. Hedren, a stunning model, is a fresh face to the film industry, and that is perhaps why Hitchcock is most drawn to her.

Using a behind-the-scenes approach, we see Hitchcock’s obsession with Hedren firsthand, and how his unprofessional antics test her limits. The film speaks volumes about the sexual harassment that was unfortunately far too prevalent in the industry at the time. Yet beyond inappropriate actions and multiple scenes in which he physically forces himself on her, what really made us cringe was seeing the iconic scene from The Birds in which Hedren is violently attacked by birds upon entering an attic. We now learn that Hitchcock not only used real birds in the scene, but he forced Hedren to redo the scene an astonishing amount of times. Just like when Miller played Andy Warhol’s muse, Edie Sedgwick, in Factory Girl, Miller’s performance is so authentic that we forget we aren’t watching the actual Hedren on screen.

While The GIrl depicts a starlet/director relationship that grows toxic and is downright unsettling, it also has an escapist element—at least where the fashion is concerned. Miller’s style is refined and infused with vintage Hollywood glamour. With her radiant blond updos, luxurious furs and sophisticated silks how could you not be charmed? To channel your inner 1960s star style, read on for some Hendren-esque picks, inspired directly from scenes from the film.

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