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Revenge Returns: Celebrate Season 2 With Infinity Earrings

Last night, followers of Emily Thorne's soapy mission to avenge her father's death celebrated Revenge's long-awaited Season 2 return. And while the premiere was deliciously dramatic—Charlotte's in rehab! Victoria's shacking up in the Catskills! Nolan got a haircut!—there was something else that caught our attention during the episode, fashionably speaking. It seems that in between training with her Japanese fighting coach and watching (and rewatching, and rewatching) that clip of Victoria referencing her mother's fate, Ems found time to pick up a sparkling new pair of infinity-loop earrings. And while this particular symbol obviously holds special meaning for our heroine, we have to say we prefer when she wears it in jewelry form (as opposed to, say, that wrist tattoo she mysteriously seems to be able to hide whenever she pleases).

Click through to shop some baubles inspired by Emily Thorne's. But to paraphrase Nolan Ross, just promise us you won't do anything revenge-y once they're dangling from your ears.

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