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Right Now We're Loving…Quirky Kids' Halloween Costumes!

Last year, I tried to dress my kids as a  "milk" and "cookie," based on an adorable post I saw on Parents.com. My husband did a great job, with foam core and cardboard and the outfits were spectacular. But so much for that. My then three-year old daughter insisted on being a princess. Typical. My two-year old son was Robin. Snore.

God, I thought! Have these toddlers no imagination? Why can't they be what I want them to be? Crazy craft blog reading mom (who has absolutely no craft-making skills, by the way) started to rear her ugly head. I didn't win the battle though—when your kid tells you she can't sit down as a milk carton, that's a pretty reasonable argument. Still, a parent can dream. And maybe some of you out there are better are corralling your kid into the costume of your dreams. So, for you cool parents who would rather die than have your kid be the umpteenth Cinderella or cowboy, we've got a few quirky costume ideas for you, from the odd but cute to the downright demented. Let us know how your kids like them. Best of luck (you'll need it)!

You won't find too many other Wack-a-Moles around.