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Shop It: Sweatshirts!

It's Marc Jacobs' fault. Ever since he sent that mint green sweatshirt down his Spring 2012 runway, all I want to wear is a slightly-sculpted, kinda-fancy crewneck sweatshirt. Classic grey, pastel, printed, sequined—I want them all.

Probably because sweatshirts look so good with a bunch of different things—layered over a chambray denim shirt, paired with a flippy leather mini, styled with printed trousers. They also look good on every body type. (If you want to "create a waist," or whatever, I suggest tucking it into your flippy skirt and adding a belt.)

By the way, that's me in the picture at left, wearing my Reformation x Urban Outfitters hunter green sweatshirt and my J.Crew floral pants. Unfortunately that is not my dog. But I do believe the sweatshirt looks ALMOST as cute as the dog. Almost.

Click through to shop my favorite sweatshirts on the market.

I've been wanting this one for like, ever. It's just so cool.

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