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Sofia Vergara Hides Swedish Fish in Her Pockets and Isn't Afraid to Be Ugly

Sofia Vergara is so comfortable in front of camera that you might assume she's always wanted to act. But the Modern Family star, who got her first big break hosting a travel show on Hispanic network Univision, first had designs on well…designing.

"Truthfully," she told us in November issue of Lucky. "I always thought of acting as a way to get a clothing line and as an experiment."

Fortunately for her, she's become successful enough to do both. In-between shooting her hit TV show and commercials—she's the spokeswoman for both CoverGirl and Diet Pepsi—Vergara has been working on her own line for Kmart, which will includes, "leggings that feel great" and "slimming jackets that you can wear for day and night."

However, not everything is completely perfect for the Colombian bombshell. She bemoans turning 40 ("It's horrible. People who says it isn't are full of shit."), wishes she could go bra-less like Gisele ("I would look like I was pregnant or a fat stripper.") and is trying really, really hard not to eat candy ("I put these [Swedish Fish] in my pocket so I could eat them later."). Those are minor complaints though—something silly like vanity isn't going to ruin her fun.

"If you are afraid of not looking beautiful," she explained. "You can't be funny." Well Sofia, we think you're both.

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