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Be a lady in red.
Not only does this bold hue flatter Sofia's warm complexion and genetically-blessed figure, but it's also a nice nod to the actress' fiery Modern Family alter ego, Gloria.
Adopt a hands-on-hips stance to play up curves.
This one's a no-brainer: place your hands where you'd like to draw the most attention. To paraphrase another sexy Colombian star, Shakira, Sofia's hips don't lie.
Emphasize an itty-bitty waist with a peplum.
This long-lasting trend was meant for carving out a little middle on those with more straight up-and-down physiques—or, in Sofia's case, for showing off one's natural waist-to-hip ratio.
Showcase an awesome backside by giving 'em the side.
Seriously—she looks like a '50s-era pinup, but better.
Choose face-framing statement earrings.
Major necklaces would likely compete with Sofia's, ahem, assets—but chandelier and diamond drop earrings are an ideal way to play up her megawatt smile and pretty eyes.