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The Best Election-Themed Nail Art

Now that the presidential debates are over, it's time to make the all important decision of what mani you're going to sport at the polls. (Oh yeah, and also which candidate gets your vote.)

If there's one thing that members of both political parties can agree on, it's that nail art is awesome, and even if you can't do it yourself, it's still really fun to look at.

We're all about uniting for the love of nail art, so we've rounded up 25 of the best Obama/Romney/democracy-loving nails from the interwebs.

Click through to see more variations on stars and stripes than you ever thought was possible, and then show us your own version by posting a picture of your nails to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #showusyourtips. (Are you following us? we're @luckymagazine.)

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