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The Country's Coolest Mobile Fashion Trucks

I love those freshly lacquered food trucks that sell things like pistachio-flavored ice cream and $8 tacos. They make really yummy food accessible on a 10-minute lunch break while adding a side of kitsch. They're great.

But more than highbrow food trucks, I like fashion trucks. And in their case it doesn't matter if they're hawking $2 plastic sunglasses pillaged from a thrift store or $500 necklaces from fancy designers: the ambience is cool and they make experience of shopping feel sort of new again. From airstreams to trucks to school buses, these are my favorite mobile fashion stores, whose venues are just as cool as the stuff they're selling.

The Fashion Mobile

Based: Minneapolis, MN

Stocks: Clothing and accessories from small labels not found in the area's malls and department stores.

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