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I've tried many different argan oil products, but this one is my favorite. It's a dry spray so your hair will feel silky, but never oily.
Swap out a floral/citrus scent for a woody one.
Get a "summer glow" all year round.
Not all chapsticks are created equally. 
If you're like anyone in the Lucky web department, you're sick of hearing about oxblood anything. For something new, try a deep purple.
A peachy blush is perfect for that in-between time of year when your tan is fading, but you're not quite ghostly yet.
Felt tip liners are easier to control than brushes, and go on much smoother than pencils.
This product isn't new, but it's the best moisturizer I've ever used (I have very dry skin), so every fall I have to stock up.
And finally, the treat! There really is no reason to wear blue lip balm—except maybe Halloween or a Ke$ha concert—but I will find one. Even if it just means wearing it around my apartment and freaking out my roommates.
This palette has every color you'll need for fall, whether you're going to work or going out.