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Fall 2012 Fashion: Everything You Need to Own

September's a bad time for me, shopping-wise. Huffing fumes from all of fashion month's gorgeous street style photos, I hallucinate. Logically I know my own wardrobe doesn't really meld with the paparazzi ploys that girls wear in the pictures, but I forget: metallic flatforms, neon varsity jackets—whatever the head-turning piece is at the moment—I get suckered into buying it.

Then, of course, I enter October with a whole bunch of statement pieces and no easy staples, and suddenly I'm running late to work whining to my dog that I have nothing to wear with my black dress but a tropical print vest and a porcupine quill necklace (that happened this morning). Like clockwork, that's when I do my best shopping, searching for the versatile things I'll actually wear (so often they'll be in 80 percent of my upcoming Facebook photos, I bet), like the leather jackets, printed dresses and trouser jeans in the slideshow below.

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