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The New eBay is Sorta Like Shoppable Pinterest

When you go to the new eBay, this is what you'll see: two smiley, pretty models, she carrying a Proenza Schouler P.S. 1 bag, he in the sort of slim-fit, dark wash jeans Ryan Gosling wears on the red carpet (A.P.C., perhaps?). More than the sites's new, sleeker logo—with its letters evenly grounded, not bouncy in the old sixth grade birthday card way—it's a fitting image for eBay 2.0, in both of its iterations.

First there's the surface-level redesign—most notably, the introduction of a feed. Streaming only things handpicked by each user, it turns the welcome page into a personal shopper. For the highbrow customer (or, yeah, the fashion-obsessed), that feature's particularly appealing, letting them bypass the usual hodge podge of the old homepage, greeting them with mint green Miu Miu shoes instead of mint condition Beanie Babies.

Ultimately, though, the pretty, Pinterest-like feed and the new logo seem to play into a larger strategy of rebranding. Especially if the plan to offer same-day delivery in major metropolitan areas works (they're currently testing it in San Francisco), eBay should become a site people shop as much for popular and new items as they do for one-off and vintage ones. Not only will they'll know they can get their items just as quickly as possible, they'll enjoy shopping them thanks to the fun, sorta fancy feed feature—and, essentially, more girls like the one in the ad campaign will start buying their P.S.1s from eBay instead of Barneys.

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