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Tracy Anderson and Gwyneth Paltrow Celebrate the Launch of The Pregnancy Project DVD Series

Celebrity moms share their advice on raising kids, staying healthy and the big 4-0.

Last week at the top of New York City's Standard Hotel, celebrity moms and VIP party goers turned out to celebrate the launch of acclaimed trainer Tracy Anderson’s The Pregnancy Project DVD series. The event benefited Christy Turlington's Every Mother Counts, a non-profit organization dedicated reducing maternal mortality. Guests (many with obviously Anderson-perfected physiques) enjoyed a tasty luncheon featuring healthy treats like Tea of a Kind, chickpea dip, olives and grilled veggies while waiting for “momshell" Anderson devotees Christy Turlington, Molly Sims and Gwyneth Paltrow to show up.

What makes Anderson’s workout method so popular? As a former dancer, Anderson’s classes stand out because of the upbeat music and dance-oriented movements—over 3,000 of which have been created and patented by Anderson herself. While Anderson does focus on general trimming and toning, she especially zeroes in on trouble areas like the stomach and thighs. Some of her favorite artists to blast are Rihanna and The Black Keys, and she's not above a little Bieber fever. She also loves Coldplay and added, when I caught her on the red carpet, that it’s a “good thing Gwyneth likes to listen to her husband.”

Besides physically training her clients, Anderson also promotes mental health and an ambitious work ethic. "My clients understand that if you’re consistent, then the red carpet is not scary or being caught in a bikini is not scary,” she continued. "I can stand on the red carpet next to Christy or Gwyneth. I’m five feet tall does that mean I’m not beautiful? I want all women to have the tools and the truth really to be able to look and feel their best in this high-pressure society. It’s the celebrities that get caught with the ‘I’m on a juice cleanse, or I’m going to do this fad diet, or I’m going to do this trend...they go from thing to thing to thing to thing. They’re inconsistent.”

Sims, who used Anderson’s method throughout her pregnancy (and confessed that she's no stranger to Spanx) said, “It’s a great program because we focus so much on weight loss after pregnancy, but you really want to focus on being healthy during pregnancy. And it’s really great to exercise and really keep moving even when you’re nauseous, even when you want to throw up, even when you weigh fifty pounds from where you started.”

Of course, we were dying to ask these celeb moms their pregnancy and workout style tips, and Turlington tipped us off to HATCH maternity wear. “It’s such a brilliant idea,” she said. “She [Ariane Goldman] has created clothes that can be worn before, during, or after; they don’t change that much. They’re just slightly more modular or adjustable, but they still look fashionable.”

While Anderson's system is appropriate for any age, it certainly seems to be helping her clients handle their 40s with confidence. “I kind of didn’t think I was a woman until I was 30, and I couldn’t wait to be 30," says the 43-year-old Turlington. "So now I’m just in my first phase of my womanhood.” Paltrow, who celebrated her 40th birthday this past September, was also incredibly reassuring about the big 4-0. “It’s amazing," she said. "You know, I was worried to turn 40, and now that I crossed the line, I feel so happy and content, and I feel really myself, and I’m very excited for what lies ahead of me."