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True Religion's New Campaign Stars Our Senior Fashion Editor

We love an ad campaign that lets the models style the clothes, too. Most of the time it produces the natural, easy outfits we're interested in actually wearing instead of avant-garde outfits we're only interested in looking at. But while that's part of why we love True Religion's latest foray into the models-as-stylists arena, it's not all of it.

We also love the way the new True Identity campaign highlights career women instead of professional models, following a handful of photographers, interior designers and fashion editors as they wear True Religion clothing in their own neighborhoods and even homes. It gives a little extra color into the personalities behind the pretty faces—like our Senior Fashion Editor, Elle Strauss. How cute does she look wearing that varsity jacket around her Brooklyn neighborhood? Click through below to check it out, and visit True Religion's blog to see her story unfold over the next week, including a list of her favorite things. (We're guessing cookies might be one of them.)

We like this new way of doing denim on demin almost as much as Elle likes cookies.

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