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Victoria's Secret Angels Answer Your Burning Questions

Every fall the entire country—men, women, children, fashion fans alike—gather 'round their televisions to watch the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Some say they do it for the pretty lingerie. Others, the knockout musical performances. But the real reason everyone watches? To glimpse the the Victoria's Secret Angels at their most beautiful.

Now, as a rule, VS Angels tend to look better in sweatpants and with no makeup than the average human at his or her best. But once mid-fall hits and they begin hardcore training, their attractiveness reaches mind-bending supernatural levels that are difficult to comprehend. By the time we watch them strut down the runway—stomachs taut and pore-less skin glowing—we usually begin yelling questions at the television: "How is your hair so shiny?!" "Who is your trainer?!" "What do you eat for breakfast?!"

This year, however, is going to be different. This year, we're getting some solid answers—straight from the (tall, leggy, Patene-endorsement-level) horse's mouth. And you can, too.

From now until Monday, November 5, at 12 PM, just tweet all your burning questions for Miranda, Doutzen and the rest of the gang about their preparation for this year's event with the hashtags #askVS and #VSFashionShow. They'll be answering their favorites in a video, set to launch here on Luckymag.com and Victoria's Secret's Facebook November 20. (The show airs on December 4 at 10pm EST on CBS.)

So go ahead, ask Alessandra Ambrosio and co. anything—they just might answer you.

photo: WWD/Robert Mitra