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We Style Sofia Vergara's Kmart Collection

Sofia Vergara is very, very curvy, so unlike a lot of actresses, she really does know the challenges of finding clothes that fit—and the panic when they don't quite stay on how they should. (Perhaps the only thing more exciting than the nail art-capturing cameras at this year's Emmys was that snapshot of Sofia's butt peeking out of a split seam in her gown.)

That moment "almost caused a heart attack," Sofia told us last week, at a preview of her latest collection of clothing and accessories for Kmart. (Understandably. We freak out when our skirt blows up on a random street corner or our jeans zipper keeps sliding downwards during the day, and we're not even famous.)

So considering all the Modern Family actress has endured in the name of fashion, it's pretty great that her Kmart line nips one shopping concern in the bud: budget. With most of the pieces ringing in at under $50, you'll want to buy them all.

All you have to worry about is choosing pieces that fit—and unless you're Sofia or, say, Jessica Rabbit, that shouldn't be too too hard. Click through below to shop our favorites from Sofia's Kmart collection, complete with tips straight from Sofia—our November cover star—on how to style them.

The Motorcycle Jacket

Contrast it wth a drapey dress, then add heels that "won't make you bleed," as Sofia puts it. Heels like these are substantial enough to be comfy for work, while adding the moto jacket can make the look happy hour-worthy in two seconds flat.

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