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The Motorcycle Jacket
Contrast it wth a drapey dress, then add heels that "won't make you bleed," as Sofia puts it. Heels like these are substantial enough to be comfy for work, while adding the moto jacket can make the look happy hour-worthy in two seconds flat.
The Cocktail Dress
Gloria on Modern Family would totally wear this dress—which makes sense, since Sofia actually wore one of her Kmart collection shirts for a taping last week. For real life, though, we'd mix in a shoe that's a little surprising—yet not too loud—since an unconventional pairing should give it a bit of a high fashion edge.
The Menswear-Inspired Watch
It's the perfect, Wall Street-y complement to fall's portfolio case clutches. Plus, as Sofia says, "it's a great gift for friends, since you don't have to know their sizes at all."
The Printed Scarf
If head-to-toe animal print's not your thing, tiptoe into the trend with a scarf. We love this one tossed over a striped top; it gives the classic French gamine outfit an extra bit of flair.