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What Does Your Halloween Costume Say About You?

Even in elementary school, I refused to buy Halloween costumes in a bag. The idea that someone might be roaming the streets on October 31 in the same outfit as me, possibly looking better, was more horrifying than a haunted hayride.

Not that any drugstore ever accommodated my elaborate ideas, anyway. In fifth grade, when I set my heart on being a "Woman in Black," inspired by one Mr. William Smith, I spent months digging through local Salvation Armys for a suit small enough to fit an 11-year-old girl. After buying one that was much too big, I used tin foil and a homemade circuit to fashion my very own memory-erasing "flashy thing."

I was crazy-proud of my makeshift alien-crime-fighter uniform, but most of my hockey-mask-clad class just thought I was a huge nerd.

Fortunately, research proves that my entrepreneurial spirit is an asset. According to a recent study by dating site Whatsyourprice.com on how men and women perceive Halloween costumes, 72 percent of polled men thought a lady who made her own get-up was "more adventurous and therefore better in bed."

The men and women questioned had some pretty strong opinions on other types of costumes as well. I think the final results are worth knowing, especially if you plan on attending Halloween shindigs this week. Because as anyone who's ever watched the Playboy bunny scene in Legally Blonde knows, costume party first impressions pretty much last forever. (Or until you graduate at the top of your class from Harvard law school with a historic court room win on your resume.)

Click through the slideshow below to see what your Halloween costume says about you.

Scary Costumes

Women who veer spooky instead of sexy prefer to stay under-the-radar and avoid extra attention.