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Where to Shop and Stay in Portland

Portland has some of the best hotels in the Pacific Northwest, and yet, if you're headed there, we'd guess the hotel isn't the reason why. Instead, your list of motivations probably reads like this: innovative restaurants, outdoorsy attractions, eclectic boutiques, hipster hangouts (coffee shops, record stores...like, real, 3D records). Even so, you'll still want a cool place to stay while exploring those things, and preferrably somewhere that matches your style.

For that we turned to our friends at Oyster.com, who pair their sleeping recommendations with shopping suggestions that share the same ambience, whether that's hipster, sophisticated, a little bit glam, whatever.  Following their agendas could lead to browsing consignment stores like Tender Loving Empire after listening to the DJ at the Ace Hotel all night...or trying on an Isabel Marant blazer at Odessa before retiring to the tony Hotel Lucia. Either way, it's a pretty stylish way to plan your travel, no?

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