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When it comes to mixing black and white separates into multi-textured, interesting looks, Queen B reigns.


So Lauren Hutton classic.

Leave it to Serena to make pink pants, turquoise jewelry and a python belt seem like a totally logical combination.

It wouldn't be a trip to Paris without Blair donning a crimson ball gown covered in rosettes. Right?

Serena signature #1: peekabo cleavage.

Serena signature #1: peekabo cleavage.

Juliet's delicate J. Mendel gown gave her manipulative character a vulnerable look.

It's the cut that makes that black one-piece so sultry.

Vanessa in a pale pink, ruffly ball gown? Yah, it happened.

According to costume designer Eric Daman, Blair's wedding dress is "the biggest fashion moment" of the season.

There's probably only one other person who can rival Blair's maternity wear: Rachel Zoe.

Half Tinkerbell, half biker babe, topped with a messy ponytail that's a little bit of each.

That hair is just SO good.

"On Wednesdays we wear sunset colors."

This is the first outfit we saw Serena in, and it's stuck in our mind since then.

So much more fun than the traditional all black winter outfit.

Blair's trademark headband even pairs well with gowns.

Chuck's French girlfriend, Eva, had such preternaturally effortless style.

We imagine this is Lily's daily uniform: dark jeans, Louboutin pumps and a bun.

Nothing looks better with bedhead than a fancy little lace dress.

Those bridesmaid dresses are shoppable in real life, too.

Blair's Chanel necklaces set her apart from the rest of the graduation gowns without going too far overboard.

Inspiration from the boys: Chuck makes the blue and black color combo look so dashing.

That metallic fabric gives the swingy tent dress a much more feminine feel.

Serena signature #2 : mullet dresses.

Serena's signature #2: mullet dresses.

Those defined shoulders turn an otherwise simple black dress into something memorable.

Those nude sandals make Vanessa's legs rival Serena's.

As a guest star, Brittany Snow out-prepped most of the show's regulars with riding boots and argyle sweater.

The coat's a pretty, elegant color that doesn't stand out too much.

That kelly green bag helps perk up Blair's winter outfit.

Juliet's candy apple red bag is kinda a scene stealer. In a good way.

Only Jenny could pull off a sparkly black cocktail dress paired with combat boots.

Blair loves metallic brocades like Serena loves sequins.

The first outfit costume designer Eric Daman's listed as a favorite...

And the second.

Vibrant color + floppy hat = perfect summer outfit.

Wearing all neutrals draws all the attention to Juliet's blue leopard print shoes.

We love the versatility of a good long-sleeve, colorful day dress.

While Serena snagged herself a Mary Katrantzou original, we'll just have to wait for the designer's Topshop collaboration.

The same thing we wear for a casual afernoon at the museum, too.

So Ralph Lauren equestrian chic.

So very Chloé.

Serena's pyhton bag is pretty matchy-matchy with her dress, but it works.

Serena was on the bright denim trend way before we were.

Vanessa signature #1: print mixing.

If we were Serena, we'd pillage Lily's closet all the time.

We love it when Vanessa buttons up a bit.

We love the balance between the super-ruffly front and the daring open back.

With a little less makeup and some softer accessories, Jenny's leather dress could go the sweet route, too.

Embellished dresses make accessorizing a lot easier: just add earrings and go.

Floral print with a fitted bodice and full skirt? It's like Blair's dream dress.

Suddenly sleeveless cape coats seem like a really practical option.

The python bag and leopard shoes are just enough detail to elevate an all black ensemble.

Understated but pretty.

Serena signature #3: sequins for day.

Serena signature #3: sequins for day.

Serena would probably love those open-toe mules, too.

A tan trench coat and dark brown pumps make another simple but pretty Eva outfit.

Vanessa wasn't the only one to print mix: Chuck paired stripes with plaid, and we loved it.

Bright oranges and greens are some of Vanessa's signature colors.

Serena in blue jeans!!!

Why we need gray tights.

Even in dressed-down, casual neutrals, Lily still looks polished and ladylike.

Inspiration from the boys: rust and camel make a freakishly good color combo.

Serena's take was a little more vibrant.

The dramatic shoulder is kinda fitting for Blair's all-eyes-on-me attitude.

That plastic bow belt is probably not uniform regulation, but we've gotta love Blair for trying.

In a metallic blazer, Blair outshined the competition at her internship while still looking professional.

Three different takes on the headband craze.

Needs no jewelry.

We'd toss the beret but keep the rest of this Francophile look.

We miss Jenny's sweet side, when her clothes were totally Betsey Johnson-esque and fun.

Giant hoops and a nameplate necklace: we love old school Vanessa.

Since Blair's loungwear is obviously not worn-in boxer shorts and college t-shirts.

As if Blair wouldn't own a gorgeous, crisp white peacoat. Duh.

The lace insets on the sleeves are such a cool touch.

Probably the most scandalous outfit Blair ever wore in public.

With dark lipstick and a ulta-high hemline, Jenny made a sweaterdress and boots look totally goth.

Serena makes a powerful argument for a monochrome head-to-toe look.

Never afraid of a statement headpiece, Blair matched her cloche hat to her skirt.

Blair's structured patent leather bag pulls it all together.

We loved this Jenny Packham gown as much on Blair as we did on Kate Middleton.

Only Blair could make high-waisted khaki pants look so elegant.

Maternity style at its best.

We probably wouldn't have thought to pair an orange dress with red shoes, but it just makes so much sense here.

Such a simple black dress— especially for Serena. Which is why we love it.

We love the sweet, breezy silhouette of this Balenciaga shift.

Georgina's coat has just the right amount of embellishment: enough so its eye-catching, but not so much that it's not versatile.

With patterned tights, buckled pumps and a textured skirt, Blair's simple look is completely eye-catching.

Lily's nude, ruched sheath might be even sexier than Serena's outfit.

We love the way Serena paired this ornate Marchesa dress with a casual ponytail.

It's the shoes that make the outfit.

The poufy sleeves and jeweled neckline make this daytime look just dressy enough for Serena.

Serena's low-cut dress looks a little more refined because of the muted eggplant color.

That gilded, strapless dress was so stunning it didn't even need any jewelry.

The snake print's kind of fitting for Georgina.

Spike bangles with a bridesmaid dress make such a really cool— but subtle— touch.

Inspiration from the boys: white jeans and baby blue shirts are an easy summer uniform.

Somehow the matching headband and shoes actually work.