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Hey girl, wanna color me in?
The packaging on this Tokyo Milk Lip Elixer is so beautiful you won't even need to wrap it.
Stimulating two senses: Gummy bear-shaped and scented earbuds! Just don't eat them.
Big Lebowski-themed coasters to avoid any "Hey, careful, man, there's a beverage here!" situations.
For your fancy foodie/aspiring-chef friend.
Turns your toothbrush into a colorful bobble-toy! Fun with dental hygiene.
These make great placecards—and protect the table top.
For your friend who has everything. Or kids.
Cool mats for cool cats.
There's still fun to be had with this mustache trend—a full 12 months' worth!
Fancy MoMA Store decanter with a non-fancy price tag.
So pretty you just want to eat them. But don't.
Give these handwarmers instead of gloves. Much cooler.
Perfect for the arty eco-hipster friend.
Next best thing to a sparkle mani? A glitter mani set!
Personalized gifts are so thoughtful.
For those moments you want to channel Ryan Lochte. And eat some candy at the same time.
Because every girl needs a proper makeup brush set. Especially if it's leopard. (And pink.)
The cool version of the traditional Fair Isle sweater holiday gift.
Trust us, everyone can use one of these. Especially because it's cute.
The perfect stocking stuffer—especially in multiples.
The original girl crush.
How to do the perfect smokey eye face—all in one portable palette.
The best wrapping ever.
It's a bottle opener disguised as a bejeweled statement ring. Genius.
Two of our fave brands had a baby!
This would have been amazing—nine ruined manicures ago.
So much cooler than your average box of holiday chocolates. Vintage-patterned chocolate pops!
Think Berger should have used one of these to break up with Carrie?
For your cocktail snob friend.
All the delicious-ness of Dylan's Candy Bar, minus the trip to the dentist.
No he can't read my poker face....
If you're going to give socks, they better be leopard print. Rawr.
Because every girl needs a portable emergency kit—especially when it's glittery hot pink.
The ultimate multi-hyphenate gift: playing cards, a puzzle and a city map, all in one.
What's your sign?
Oui, s'il vous plait!
Yup, we got Paris on the brain ...
And if you're in an Empire State of Mind ...
Print meets tech.
Extra flavor for the tabletop.
For the Anglophile's medicine cabinet.
For your fratty friend who's always losing stuff. (Grab a pair for just a tenner!)
Cleaning accessories for the cool and arty-downtown types.
For your bike-obsessed OCD friend.
Because we're not all John Jannuzzi.
Your chef friends will love you. And invite you over for dinner more.
What every girl needs.