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Best Coat for Your Body Type

Sometimes it's what's on the outside that counts. Like in winter. No matter what amazing figure-flattering outfit you put together, if you toss an ill-fitting coat on top, you'll just look like a lumpy rectangle. Maybe it's a lumpy rectangle disguising a $3,000 Roland Mouret pencil dress that sculpts your body more than eight SoulCycle classes—but it doesn't matter. Most people just see you in your outerwear anyway, so you'll need a good coat which isn't just tailored but tailored to you, like the ones in the slideshow below. (Although, admittedly, I sort of want them all.)

If You're Petite

Choose a jacket that hits at your hipbone, since a too-long hemline can overwhelm a short stature. (For a coat that's short but still super-warm, choose a heavy parka or thick puffer.)

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