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Beyonce the Documentary, the Year's Best Fashion and Beauty Startups And More From Around the Web

Not only will Beyoncé star in an upcoming documentary about her life, she'll direct it, too. We hope she allows ample screen time for close-ups of her stage costumes and street style. [Billboard]

Next year's edition of the famously clothes-free Pirelli calendar: not nude. Not a joke. [The Cut]

Yoko Ono's menswear clothing line, though, sorta seems like a joke at first glance. We blame it on the "butt hoodies" and hot pink mesh tops. [Opening Ceremony]

Like her clothes, Isabel Marant's beauty routine has a certain nonchalant cool factor.  (Special occasion prep includes "really cleaning my face and washing it.") [Into the Gloss]

Following in her Mom's footsteps, Anna Nicole Smith's daughter just modeled for Guess, landing her first campaign at the ripe age of six. (Her photos, of course, are a little more tame than Mom's.) [People]

Want/need/must have this hilarious Kristen Stewart t-shirt. [Bullet]

Some stories don't really need a sequel, but Tyra Banks thinks her made-for-TV Disney channel movie from 2000, Life-Size, does. Banks will be back starring in the network's follow-up next year. [Variety]

This list of the top 10 fashion and beauty startups this year include a company with a make-your-own-cosmetics machine and an e-commerce site that focuses on modest clothes only. (We're guesing bandage dreses aren't on there?) [Forbes]

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