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Your Longtime BFF:
Creme Brulee Posts, $28,
Your Most Popular Friend:
Dinner Party in a Box, $50,
Your Clueless-But-Adorable Dad:
Dollar Shave Club , $1/month
Your Romantic Bibliophile Boyfriend:
“This is For You” by Rob Ryan , $30,
Your Wannabe Oenophile Mama:
Wine Simplified, $9.99,
Your Do-Gooder Sister:
Help Start a Farmers Market, $25,
Your Niece Who Is Like Totally Way Cooler Than You:
Rihanna Paper Dolls , $15,
Your Hostess with the Mostess Co-Worker:
Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box, $25,
Your Plant-Killing Boss:
Potted Succulent Candles, $48,