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Christopher Kane in at Balenciaga! We think?

Update, 11:12am EST on November 17: Another French pub, Elle.fr, wangled a statement out of PPR, the company that owns Balenciaga. They're saying it'll be another two or three weeks before anything is confirmed. Fingers crossed!

Well, that was fast. Less than two weeks after Nicolas Ghesquière announced he would leave Balenciaga—after a 15-year tenure at the wildly influential French fashion house—it's been anounced via Grazia.fr that Christopher Kane will be the house's new creative director, effective December 1.

While it certainly feels a little rushed, there really was no other choice for the position. Ghesquière's designs were beloved by editors, critics, and buyers across the board. Kane is similarly well-respected, and he's shown with his collections for Versus, Versace's more youthful label, that he can create commercially viable clothes, too. There aren't many designers out there who can do both of those things. (Or either, really.)

A couple of weeks back at the opening of Versace's SoHo boutique, John and I got the chance to chat with Kane at length—and without reserve. Not sure we'll be so lucky to ever do that again, but it's an amazing feeling knowing you got to talk shop with someone destined for something so big.

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