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Cool Cases for the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini

The iPhone 5 came out in September, but it's still in that new-ish phase where people ask to play with it when they see someone's on the dinner table. (I know because I have it, and this keeps happening to me.) And obviously the same goes for the just-released iPad Mini: people want to see those new generation gadgets, so if you have one, prepare for the spotlight that comes with having the latest techy thing.

While curious people click away on your tiny tablet or weigh your skinny phone in an outstretched palm, they'll be judging the case that you choose to put it in, too. So you might as well get a good one. Like those in the slideshow below: at first glance, each one tells a seriously different story about your personality—which is probably the one thing your omnipotent (but uniform) gadget can't do.

Match it to your mani.

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