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Diane von Furstenberg Designs Evian Bottles

Diane von Fusternberg's new water bottle for Evian pretty is enough to deter the most die-hard canteen carriers from their Nalgenes. The limited edition canister is clear, elegantly shaped like a flask of wine and covered with DvF's own handwriting, printed in organic ink.

Of course, such well-packaged H2O is priced a bit higher than your average 12 ounces of Poland Springs. As of November 5, on Evian.us, it'll be available for $7.99. However, that's a much cheaper investment than one of the designer's signature wrap dresses, AND it's recyclable. Which means tap water a la Diane for weeks after—way better than straight from the sink.

Check out the video below to see DvF talk about her creative inspiration for the project and why she loves Evian.

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